Winery Ratings

Have you ever wondered what it means if a winery is "five star" or "three star"? Frankly, I believe the star rating relies too much on subjective considerations. The consumer needs a more objective measure of quality.

First and foremost, wineries should be judged by the track record of the wines they have produced in recent history. We have developed our own proprietary winery rating algorithm, which calculates a weighted average of the top five recent wines of a winery. As new wines are added, the older ones weigh less.

This method provides an accurate, automatically updated overall score for a wineries, which is purely driven by their track record of quality.

The price levels charged for the top wines does not factor into the equation. It is purely a quality measure. Consumers can make up their own mind about value for money based on the price information, which I publish for most of the wines rated.